Reopening Doors To The Public And The Local Economy

With many nations finally easing on the extended lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, a lot of places are now reopening their doors to the public, this includes resorts, beaches, parks as well as other places for recreation making it very welcoming for many individuals.

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Although the best pop-up canopy on provides protection from the heat and wind, you and your family have to observe the set precautionary and proactive measures to avoid COVID-19 as the threat of the virus that has affected many is still likely. This is something that a canopy cannot protect you from.

Reopening of Places to the Public Aids Local Economy

Although the reopening of many recreational destinations is good for the local economy, this may again pull down and cause more and greater toll on the already weakened local economies if proper precautions and responsible measures aren’t strongly and strictly followed. Hence, governments must see to it that such measures are in place and strictly observed to avoid this.  

The risks are great particularly on nations that were badly and seriously affected by the coronavirus like Italy and Spain wherein both nations depend heavily on tourism. Moreover, before the global outbreak, their economies are already struggling and have great levels unemployment and public debt making them most susceptible to the knock-on effect of the pandemic.

The uncertainties and fears brought about by the coronavirus has had massive and crippling corollaries for the industry of travel and tourism worldwide.

As per statistics by the World Travel and Tourism Council, in 2019, travel and tourism which includes travel agents, airlines, hotels, resorts, restaurants and more, as well as with the continuous quantity of tourist spending, contributed 14.3% to the GDP of Spain and 13% to the GDP of Italy. But, with the closing of major tourist destinations, the number has most like dropped this year.