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When youre president

by Malakai Serrano

Every person who has a position in the government is aiming to run at the presidency. The word “President” is used to refer to a person of great talent that successfully made alliances, friends and also, deceived public audiences in gaining power in pseudo democratic system.

The President’s Role and Duty

Once power is gained, the president will be able to rule the system for a certain period of time. This is defined by rules that are set forth by naïve idealists leading to the inception of the system. Once in power, it’s customary that president do share some power and financial resources that he or she might derive from the political system he/she is governing.

But not everything is done alone.

He or she gets assistance from private parties and fellow politicians including but not limited to big corporations and banks.

What’s like to be a President?

Among the biggest challenges of becoming a president is drawing attention of public he/she is governing away from promises that’s been made to obtain votes toward different topics to make them forget about these promises prior to the next election period. Thus, it gives the president the opportunity to be reelected and distribute resources that is afforded by the system for several more years.

Rubios plan

by Malakai Serrano

For any political movement, it is crucial to prepare a strategic plan for various purposes. There are so many benefits to be discussed in this article. However, we will be discussing only the most valuable ones that are applicable to local and national parties.

Strategy is a must

First of all, a strategic plan needs to be a succinct strategy. Not to mention, it needs to bring focus and clarity and therefore, producing effectiveness and efficiency. Furthermore, it must ensure resources, time and actions not be put into waste.

If every part of the organization isn’t geared to the same direction, then you will only go in circles that would frustrate you and your staffs.

This is the reason why it is integral to have realistic goals and objectives that are both demanding and yet, attainable. Fortunately, this is achievable by having the ability to communicate the goals and objectives to your constituents in an accurate and clear way.

Something that wouldn’t be Forgotten

These things are all important which is the reason why politicians never lose their focus on the benefits it offers. They make sure that everything is on point and that all tasks are delegated to the right person.

Romney touts the support

by Malakai Serrano

More often than not, politicians are quick to make blames to media whenever a new story does not give them in favorable position.

However, politicians are also using the same medium in winning elections by getting free exposure that they needed in reaching voters.

Reporters have no other choice but to cover people chosen to take leadership of the government or the frontrunners of the political party.

During election campaign, people who are working in media must be prepared for manipulation that they would likely face when the quest of a politician to run for office collides on the desire of media to seek truth.

Political Rallies: Staged or not?

Rallies are made to show the spontaneous thrill and excitement of voters to their supported candidates. Nothing is wrong with this however, homemade signs that you’re seeing being waved in the air are usually drawn by the campaign workers themselves and not by the people at home.

There are instances that the crowd are comprises of volunteers and campaign workers so by that, TV cameras will not pan on empty room.

How Coverage is Manipulated?

Take note as well of the candidate’s political backdrop. There are times to which people chosen carefully so they’ll look in how they should be in news coverage and photos. If candidate does so poorly among young voters, you may see college students and others who are in 20s as background.

Mitt romney

by Malakai Serrano

Mitt Romney was born on March 12, 1947 in Michigan. He’s the son of George Romney, a former Michigan Governor. He has founded the investment firm Bain Capital. Later on, he ran for senate in 1994 in the state of Massachusetts. However, he did lose to Ted Kennedy.

Romney then took over Salt Lake Organizing Committee and became successful in the 2002 Olympic Games. Just a year later, he became the governor of the state of Massachusetts and made a run for Republican nomination in 2008 election.

The Presidential Run

After completing a term as a governor, Romney has declined to run for another term and has made announcement to run for US presidency.

He made his announcement through Super Tuesday and wins primaries in Alaska, Massachusetts, Colorado, Utah and Minnesota before losing to republican nomination to Senator John McCain.

Giving the Presidential Position another Shot

According to a number of reports, Mitt Romney has spent roughly 110 million dollars on his presidential campaign. This also includes the 45 million dollars personal money. Romney made another run for US presidency in 2012 with a running mate of Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. But in a tight race, he loses to Obama.

Five ways

by Malakai Serrano

There are so many ways that a person could violate the terms of their probation. Thus, being able to understand what’s considered a violation can help in avoiding not to comply with your sentence’s terms. In the next lines, you are about to learn the probation violations that are very common.

Missing Appointment w/ Probation Officer

Say that you’re on supervised probation, you have to meet with your probation officer. This has to be done as per the schedule set. Missing an appointment is already considered as violation of probation and the probation officer can endorse this to court.

Missing Court Hearing

The judge might require you to attend additional court hearings after the specified timeframe in reviewing your progress. Failing to attend court hearing and this will be deemed as serious violation of probation.

Failing to Pay Restitution or Fines

Depending on your crime, the judge might require you to pay restitution or fine to the victim.

Failing to pay these fines and restitutions on schedule prepared by the judge and you will be charged with new offense because you have violated your probation.

Visiting certain People or Places

Your probation has a special term and it may mean that you have to stay away from particular places or people that are associated with the criminal activity. A common example is for gang members. You might be prohibited seeing or communicating with your gang members. If caught, then it is an automatic violation of probation.

Romney insists once again

by Malakai Serrano

There are instances that authorities are using the word “resisting arrest” as catchall for behaviors that made the arrest or investigation difficult. It might be hard to believe that reluctantly or slowly responding to the general commands of an officer might lead to resisting arrest charge. But it does happen at times.

Resisting Arrest Explained

On the other hand, this is not an indication that an officer might interpret the situation where you aren’t doing what you are being told to do at that moment when you are resisting arrest. Let us look closely at the law and the probable defense if ever charged with such crime.

General definition for such is when a defendant has resisted arrest and they have intentionally prevented an officer to make a lawful arrest or discharge other official duty; and this is if the person to be arrested is creating great risk of physical injury either to the arresting officer or to other people.

It could be that they are acting in a way that is justifying the use of force in overcoming resistance.

Careful with Actions

It is very important to have good understanding that some of the state laws are prohibiting actions that are impeding officers. This mean, a resisting arrest charge could be filed against you without prior attempt of putting you under arrest.

In his own words

by Malakai Serrano

It doesn’t matter what happens today and GOP convention, there’s little doubt that Trump undermines the understanding of its people in relation to primary politics. Probably, it is going to be years of political experts who truly comprehend the “Trump phenom”. But much of this appeal appears to stem from image cultivated that he’s not a politician.

Are they All a Lie?

As for voters, the claim goes, politicians can’t be trusted especially in keeping their promises. But they could trust Trump. What seems to be the problem with such claim? Well, it is the fact that it becomes a reality almost backward.

When looking things at this way, Trump campaign taps into widespread belief of what Americans have about its lawmakers. They are all lying.

In a survey performed in 2014 by Rasmussen, around 4% of likely voters that same year believed that most of the politicians kept its promises on the trail of its campaign while 83% didn’t.

Different Studies, Different Results

As per political scientists who’ve been studying this trend – most literature is suggesting that presidents are making at least good faith effort in keeping average of around 2/3 of its campaign promises. The exact figures however differ from the study performed, which depends as well on how authors are defining what is counted to be a campaign promise and to what is meant to keep it.

Behind the curtain

by Malakai Serrano

The environment of media these days are so dynamic and it keeps on developing into ways that we least expect. These changes however have imparted serious consequences for politics as well as democratic governance.

It will Keep Changing

New media have changed the way government is operating, how its political leaders are communicating and working, the manner wherein elections are carried out and lastly, the engagement of citizens to its leaders. In this article, we will briefly discuss how media has evolved since then.

New political landscapes are any forms of communication that’s facilitating the dissemination, exchange and production of political content on platforms. This can also take place within networks that are accommodating interaction and collaboration.

They’ve grown at exponential rate for the past 30 years and it keeps on growing.

The Way the Government is Affected by Media Development

With the rise of new media, it complicates current political media system. Legacy media comprises of established mass media institutions that is predating the internet similar to radio shows, newspapers and even TV news programs. All of which need to coexist with new media that have outgrown technological innovation.

While legacy media has to maintain its relativity, new media keep on expanding in tons of innovative ways that man can’t fathom.