The environment of media these days are so dynamic and it keeps on developing into ways that we least expect. These changes however have imparted serious consequences for politics as well as democratic governance.

It will Keep Changing

New media have changed the way government is operating, how its political leaders are communicating and working, the manner wherein elections are carried out and lastly, the engagement of citizens to its leaders. In this article, we will briefly discuss how media has evolved since then.

New political landscapes are any forms of communication that’s facilitating the dissemination, exchange and production of political content on platforms. This can also take place within networks that are accommodating interaction and collaboration.

They’ve grown at exponential rate for the past 30 years and it keeps on growing.

The Way the Government is Affected by Media Development

With the rise of new media, it complicates current political media system. Legacy media comprises of established mass media institutions that is predating the internet similar to radio shows, newspapers and even TV news programs. All of which need to coexist with new media that have outgrown technological innovation.

While legacy media has to maintain its relativity, new media keep on expanding in tons of innovative ways that man can’t fathom.