The individual donors from political campaigns do account for roughly 2/3 of money that’s going to senate candidates and around half of that money goes to the House candidates. On the other hand, the contributions made by these private individuals are indexed to inflation. As for 2012, the limit is at 2,500 dollars per individual, per candidate for every election.

Meaning to say, there’s a 5,000 dollars cap for the whole election period that covers general and primary elections.

A Regulatory Amount for Fairness

Under the federal law, all of the contributions made exceeding 200 dollars to parties, PACs or federal candidates, it should be itemized and at the same time, disclosed to Federal Election Commission. The donors need to tell personal information from name, address, occupation and employer. All these records will become available to the public from FEC and other sites.

Financial Campaign Funds from Donors and Candidates

The donations from a person giving 200 dollars or less are making small wedge in fundraising. As for these donations, there’s no need for it to be itemized but it will be reported in a lump sum to FEC. As for the candidates themselves, there’s no ceiling to how much they can give to their race so long they uses their own money.

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