Polling of public opinion is so common even when the election season is through. Are leaders and politicians are actually listening and taking time to look at these polls or is there other reasons for them? Some do believe that the increased collection of public opinion is brought by the growing support of delegate representation.

As per the theory of delegate representation, it is assuming that politicians who are in office serve as the people’s voice.

Voice of the Voiceless?

In the event that voters want legislators vote to legalize marijuana for instance, then the legislators must vote in legalizing marijuana. Either candidates or legislators who believe in delegate representation might poll the public before the day comes for important vote. This is to know the pulse of the public regarding the matter.

Genuine Help or Eavesdropping?

Others however believe that polling increased since politicians are operating in permanent campaign mode. To keep contributing money, the supporters should remain convinced and happy and the only way for this to happen is when politicians hear their sentiments and concerns. Thus, the polls provide assistance to make it happen.

It doesn’t matter why polls are taken, studies haven’t shown clearly whether government branches are consistently acting on them. There are branches that seem to pay closer attention to public opinion compared to other branches but time periods, politics and events might change how a government branch or individual reacts.