Mitt Romney was born on March 12, 1947 in Michigan. He’s the son of George Romney, a former Michigan Governor. He has founded the investment firm Bain Capital. Later on, he ran for senate in 1994 in the state of Massachusetts. However, he did lose to Ted Kennedy.

Romney then took over Salt Lake Organizing Committee and became successful in the 2002 Olympic Games. Just a year later, he became the governor of the state of Massachusetts and made a run for Republican nomination in 2008 election.

The Presidential Run

After completing a term as a governor, Romney has declined to run for another term and has made announcement to run for US presidency.

He made his announcement through Super Tuesday and wins primaries in Alaska, Massachusetts, Colorado, Utah and Minnesota before losing to republican nomination to Senator John McCain.

Giving the Presidential Position another Shot

According to a number of reports, Mitt Romney has spent roughly 110 million dollars on his presidential campaign. This also includes the 45 million dollars personal money. Romney made another run for US presidency in 2012 with a running mate of Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. But in a tight race, he loses to Obama.