The IPE or International Political Economy is a social science trying to grasp the international as well as global problems by using interdisciplinary tools. This includes theoretical perspectives too. Even though it is developed originally as subfield of International Relations, it has taken its own form in recent years.

Disciplines with the most Bearing

The prominence of IPE is consistently growing. This is brought by continuing breakdown of boundaries among politics, economics and other disciplines in social sciences. At the moment, the problem with the most gravity in which policymakers and scholars are confronting are those that could be understood from the point of view of:

  1. Multidisciplinary
  2. Interdisciplinary and;
  3. Transdisciplinary

IPE is pulling down fences that is restricting intellectual inquiry in social sciences.

This way, it is feasible to pinpoint the most important questions and solve the most difficult problems.

How is it affecting a Country at Large?

Interaction of International Economics and International Politics is widely appreciated these days and at the same time, a subject of theoretical research. Nation clearly states that it affects monetary flows and international trade which in return affecting various nations. This is by way of their capabilities to make business economic decisions and political choices.