These days, some Americans do think that the words from the Washington are still the smartest ones and that US must withdraw from affairs of the world whenever possible. Well the fact is, since the 20th century, US was part of world’s politics.

Due to this, foreign policy has taken huge amount of time, energy and at the same time, money of the government.

If isolationism becomes outdated, then what sort of foreign policy does the US will follow? Subsequent years after the Second World War, US was generally guided by containment. The Policy that was applied to the world has been divided by Cold War, which is a struggle between the Soviet Union and the United States.

Who is making Foreign Policy?

This is the question that is being asked by many. A key figure in the articulation of US foreign policy throughout the Cold War is Henry Kissinger. He served as Secretary of State under Presidents Ford and Nixon and also served as National Security Adviser. He remained as among the most important authority in terms of international diplomacy and relations.

The Policy’s Goal

As with policy making, there are a lot of organizations and people who given their inputs in preparing the foreign policy of the United States. The primary objective of the policy is to make use of diplomacy or meeting, making and talking agreements to solve international affairs.