There are instances that authorities are using the word “resisting arrest” as catchall for behaviors that made the arrest or investigation difficult. It might be hard to believe that reluctantly or slowly responding to the general commands of an officer might lead to resisting arrest charge. But it does happen at times.

Resisting Arrest Explained

On the other hand, this is not an indication that an officer might interpret the situation where you aren’t doing what you are being told to do at that moment when you are resisting arrest. Let us look closely at the law and the probable defense if ever charged with such crime.

General definition for such is when a defendant has resisted arrest and they have intentionally prevented an officer to make a lawful arrest or discharge other official duty; and this is if the person to be arrested is creating great risk of physical injury either to the arresting officer or to other people.

It could be that they are acting in a way that is justifying the use of force in overcoming resistance.

Careful with Actions

It is very important to have good understanding that some of the state laws are prohibiting actions that are impeding officers. This mean, a resisting arrest charge could be filed against you without prior attempt of putting you under arrest.