Discussions regarding political science will never be complete without studying how power is used, wielded and abused, especially in this contemporary age. Without a doubt, power is the thing that is holding nations together. This is giving them semblance of control. Without being able to exercise power, it is going to be hard to keep chaos at bay.

Who should be in the Position of Power?

The point is, unless power is exercised by political leaders, there are still no standards to be followed and there’s no order that can be enforced.

Obviously, this doesn’t mean that power is the sole thing that’s relevant.

On the other hand, abusing power is a serious issue that frequently results to social movements and revolutions. Simply speaking, power needs to be exercised in an accountable and responsible way. This is unless there’s jurisdiction application, there can’t be functioning and viable modern nation-state.

How Power is Used and when it is being Abused?

Hence, implications for contemporary states of the nation are power that should be accompanied by accountability and the chance to either vote out or vote in for people whom feel they are sagacious and responsible and to those whom feel that they’re abusing power.