We expect to retire in mid-to-late 60s, which is very prevalent in the US. However, there are Washington’s finest who still pushed themselves to work hard and serve the country even after this stage. As the workforce of America is growing older, the politicians that will be listed in the next paragraphs are the notable names who are making it run and work.

Is it because of Political Willingness or the Grasp to Political Power?

Each person that will be mentioned below has their own political agenda. The common denominator, they have enormous years of experience under their belt to perform an exceptional job.

  1. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, 71 years old
  2. Senator Mazie Hirono, 71 years old
  3. Senator Joe Manchine, 71 years old
  4. President Donald Trump, 72 years old
  5. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, 75 years old
  6. Former US VP Joe Biden, 76 years old
  7. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, 76 years old
  8. Senator Bernie Sanders, 77 years old
  9. House speaker representative Nancy Pelosi, 78 years old
  10. Senator Richard Shelby, 84 years old
  11. Senator Dianne Feinstein, 85 years old
  12. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairmen senator Chuck Grassley, 85 years old