Impeachment inquiry is not enough to send Trump to not finish his term before the 2020 Election. It is because of the reason that Senate Republicans would just not convict him. It is even impossible to know whether an impeachment inquiry would help or hurt the probabilities of Trump to be reelected. So does this mean that an impeachment is already out of the equation?

A Lawless State?

Every person in America, including children must know even the basic principles of the Constitution especially on the checks, balances and separation of powers. These days, however, every child and adult is learning from Trump that such principles are nothing. By doing whatever he can in stopping the investigation into Russian interference in 2016 election, which includes firing the FBI’s head, Trump told America that it is okay for presidents to obstruct justice.

Issuing blanket refusal in responding to congressional subpoena, Donald Trump says that Congress has no constitutional authority in overseeing executive branch.

He is telling that America that the congress is only a subordinate branch of the government than being a co-equal branch.

Power and Money

Spending money on his so-called wall, in which verbally refused by the congress to authorize, Trump says that the Congress has no constitutional authority when it comes to spending.