How robust is the connection between political success and campaign spending? Among House seats, there are over 90% of candidates who are spending great amount of money just to win a spot. From the year 2000 to 2016, there was just a single election cycle in which that was not true and it was on the year 2010. This was when the election had 86% of top spenders won the campaign according to Sheila Krumholz, the Executive Director of Center for Responsive Politics.

Absurd amounts Spent on Election Campaigns

Politicians who are running for presidency of US and 435 seats in Congress have at least spent 2 billion dollars collectively on their 2016 campaign elections.

And this amount even ballooned to 1.4 trillion dollars for midterms in 2018.

Funding for political campaigns have come from average Americans who believe on their candidates, political action committees whose main job is to raise and spend money while trying to influence elections, special interests groups and the super PACs.

Sometimes, it’s the People’s Will

In addition to that, taxpayers are funding political campaigns either indirectly or directly. They are paying for the party primaries and there are literally millions of Americans who opted to contribute to Presidential Election Campaign Fund.