In politics, you always hear the rumble and debate between Republicans and Democrats. But many people don’t actually know the differences between the two. As a matter of fact, both political parties have separate point of views when it comes to the government’s role, taxes, entitlements, immigration, healthcare and the likes.

These parties have long been dominating the America’s political scene.

But as mentioned, they differ in their point of views. So how they are different? For the sake of this article, we will be focusing on Republicans.

Republican’s Take on Political Landscape

A politician who sides republican is oftentimes:

  • Conservative
  • Believes that taxes must not be increased for anyone, including the wealth
  • Wages must be set by free market
  • Supporting death penalty which in this case, some republicans don’t
  • Has a tendency to favor flat tax meaning, to implement the same tax figure to citizens regardless of the income

In general, republicans are against amnesty for undocumented immigrants. Not only that, they are opposing the executive order that former President Obama made in which it puts moratorium on the deportation of certain workers. Apart from that, Republicans have stronger funding enforcement in actions at the border.