The education system of America is offering tons of options for its international students. There’s wide selection of programs, locations and schools that it might overwhelm students. In fact, even those who are living in the US. As you start with your search for a school, it is vital to become familiar with the education system applied.

Being able to understand the system can help a lot in narrowing your options and prepare your educational plan.

Primary to Secondary School

Before reaching higher education level, American students need to attend primary as well as secondary school for combined total of twelve years. Once completed, that is when they can step on to the higher education system.

Characteristic of Higher Education System

One of the major characteristics of higher education system is the classrooms. These are ranging from enormous lectures that contain hundreds of students to smaller seminars and classes with few students. Atmosphere at American universities are so dynamic.

What’s Expected from Students?

You are expected to argue your point, share your opinion and take part in class discussions and give presentations. This is in fact one of the surprising aspects of the educational system in America among international students.