Every person who has a position in the government is aiming to run at the presidency. The word “President” is used to refer to a person of great talent that successfully made alliances, friends and also, deceived public audiences in gaining power in pseudo democratic system.

The President’s Role and Duty

Once power is gained, the president will be able to rule the system for a certain period of time. This is defined by rules that are set forth by naïve idealists leading to the inception of the system. Once in power, it’s customary that president do share some power and financial resources that he or she might derive from the political system he/she is governing.

But not everything is done alone.

He or she gets assistance from private parties and fellow politicians including but not limited to big corporations and banks.

What’s like to be a President?

Among the biggest challenges of becoming a president is drawing attention of public he/she is governing away from promises that’s been made to obtain votes toward different topics to make them forget about these promises prior to the next election period. Thus, it gives the president the opportunity to be reelected and distribute resources that is afforded by the system for several more years.