Same-sex marriage is a hot topic today and in every part of the world. However, for us to truly understand it, we need to define what marriage is first. According to law, marriage is something that supports and houses various aspects of human life including:

  • Mutual responsibility
  • Friendship
  • Sexual relations
  • Love
  • Conversation
  • Procreation
  • Child rearing and;
  • Companion

The government does play a vital role in these aspects of marriage as it is conferring and administering its benefits. Moreover, it creates alliance to religious bodies.

However, religions have the power to refuse marrying people who are eligible for a state marriage and they may agree to marry who are ineligible for state marriage.

What is Same-Sex Marriage is about?

But what’s same-sex marriage? Well, it’s not entirely about same-sex relationship. Few would actually deny that lesbians and gays are capable of mutual responsibility, friendship and intimacy or even have and raise children of their own. Rather, same-sex marriage is about the “rights” a couple gets when they are married. And these are the battle that the LGBT community is fighting for to have it legalized.

Again, this is affecting a number of areas which is why only select countries have allowed and legalized it in their state.