Politics and the government is an exceptional A-level that showed us how remarkable influence politics has on people. But is this something that people should be mindful about?

It Gives meaning to Existence as a Citizen

As a matter of fact, yes. There are many good reasons why people have to study politics.

Reason number 1. You get to know your rights – by studying politics, you get to see beyond initial belief that we don’t have voice in how the country is run. Truly, it educated people on the fundamental part of the society and helped in further understanding that by engaging in political processes, every person will have an equal opportunity in changing the world.

Reason number 2. Clears out what you believe – studying things we’ve studied can give the chance to discover political beliefs and to see greater detail of both the benefits and drawbacks of various political ideologies.

Expressing what you truly believe in a concise and accurate matter is so useful and forces you to look at yourself.

Reason number 3. Understand the powerful parties in your nation – with classroom knowledge, we’ve were able to see how events have unfolded worldwide, the way world leaders have reacted to such events. Knowing politics, you will know better why these leaders have reacted in such a way.