There are so many ways that a person could violate the terms of their probation. Thus, being able to understand what’s considered a violation can help in avoiding not to comply with your sentence’s terms. In the next lines, you are about to learn the probation violations that are very common.

Missing Appointment w/ Probation Officer

Say that you’re on supervised probation, you have to meet with your probation officer. This has to be done as per the schedule set. Missing an appointment is already considered as violation of probation and the probation officer can endorse this to court.

Missing Court Hearing

The judge might require you to attend additional court hearings after the specified timeframe in reviewing your progress. Failing to attend court hearing and this will be deemed as serious violation of probation.

Failing to Pay Restitution or Fines

Depending on your crime, the judge might require you to pay restitution or fine to the victim.

Failing to pay these fines and restitutions on schedule prepared by the judge and you will be charged with new offense because you have violated your probation.

Visiting certain People or Places

Your probation has a special term and it may mean that you have to stay away from particular places or people that are associated with the criminal activity. A common example is for gang members. You might be prohibited seeing or communicating with your gang members. If caught, then it is an automatic violation of probation.