More often than not, politicians are quick to make blames to media whenever a new story does not give them in favorable position.

However, politicians are also using the same medium in winning elections by getting free exposure that they needed in reaching voters.

Reporters have no other choice but to cover people chosen to take leadership of the government or the frontrunners of the political party.

During election campaign, people who are working in media must be prepared for manipulation that they would likely face when the quest of a politician to run for office collides on the desire of media to seek truth.

Political Rallies: Staged or not?

Rallies are made to show the spontaneous thrill and excitement of voters to their supported candidates. Nothing is wrong with this however, homemade signs that you’re seeing being waved in the air are usually drawn by the campaign workers themselves and not by the people at home.

There are instances that the crowd are comprises of volunteers and campaign workers so by that, TV cameras will not pan on empty room.

How Coverage is Manipulated?

Take note as well of the candidate’s political backdrop. There are times to which people chosen carefully so they’ll look in how they should be in news coverage and photos. If candidate does so poorly among young voters, you may see college students and others who are in 20s as background.