It doesn’t matter what happens today and GOP convention, there’s little doubt that Trump undermines the understanding of its people in relation to primary politics. Probably, it is going to be years of political experts who truly comprehend the “Trump phenom”. But much of this appeal appears to stem from image cultivated that he’s not a politician.

Are they All a Lie?

As for voters, the claim goes, politicians can’t be trusted especially in keeping their promises. But they could trust Trump. What seems to be the problem with such claim? Well, it is the fact that it becomes a reality almost backward.

When looking things at this way, Trump campaign taps into widespread belief of what Americans have about its lawmakers. They are all lying.

In a survey performed in 2014 by Rasmussen, around 4% of likely voters that same year believed that most of the politicians kept its promises on the trail of its campaign while 83% didn’t.

Different Studies, Different Results

As per political scientists who’ve been studying this trend – most literature is suggesting that presidents are making at least good faith effort in keeping average of around 2/3 of its campaign promises. The exact figures however differ from the study performed, which depends as well on how authors are defining what is counted to be a campaign promise and to what is meant to keep it.