Universities and colleges are struggling to meet its enrolment goals. There are increasing number of colleges that are beginning to realize that increasing published tuition annually by few percent and concurrently, increases their financial aid in allowing students offset some or even most of increased price.

It’s a Strategic Move

In fact, between the year 2006 and 2017, several private colleges have increased its tuition fees by 29 percent. According to reports, the average net price of the increase is at 6 percent throughout the period.

These days, average discount rate is 50 percent for institutional financial aid, which is intended for new freshmen entering private schools.

This report is as per the National Association of College and University Business Officers.

Meaning to say, average new freshman at private university or college is paying just half of published price and most even pay a lot less than that amount.

Check out which Schools are at a Discount

Over the past two decades, there are more than 39 colleges that have made a decision to reduce its tuition by a thousand dollars or even more.  Then again, there are some schools that are providing price guarantees to its students. All that has to be done especially among parents is to research for which schools that falls into this.