Back then, several aficionados have designed formal education system in an effort to meet economic demands of industrial revolution. And moving to present these days, it looks apparent that the education system implemented these days is unstable in meeting the requirements of ultra-connected society as a result of global economic climate.

US Educational System Failing its People?

This is a subject that is still blurry. Let us look further about this matter in the next lines.

Nowadays, a lot of parents aren’t getting enough involvement. Out of all the things that are out of teacher’s control, perhaps this is the one that gives the most frustration. The time spent in classroom isn’t enough for teachers in instructing its students to what they have to know. Without a doubt, there must be interaction outside the school hours.

Overdependence and demands of careers on schools are causing higher class kids at greater risks as well with regards to lack of parental involvement into their academics.

More Schools are Closing

It’s been a tough year among public schools. A clear representation of these is the schools shutting down. This is sometimes inevitable but for communities governing these educational institutions, they have to look first for solutions to prevent such thing from happening.